Essentials in Fashion, etc

  • Crazy Days Sale This Weekend!

      We are so excited about Crazy Days this coming weekend, July 8 - 11.   60% OFF Dex Plus Clothing40% OFF rack, with some great summer finds40% O...
  • Bendetti Eyewear - Lifetime Guarantee

    OUR PHILOSOPHY Our philosophy is simple: we believe sunglasses shouldn’t be so expensive you’re afraid to wear them. They shouldn’t be stiff and...
  • Kerisma Knit Care

    KNIT CARE Our collections feature a wide range of ultra lightweight to chunky knit pieces constructed at various gauges. Please always follow th...
  • Tonle - A Zero Waste Company

      We are a group of people brought together by the common belief that garment manufacturing can mean more than the exploitation of people and reso...
  • Jewelry Care and Keeping

    Essential Tips for Maintaining that Shine!
  • How To Pack Your Hat

    Vacation coming? How To Pack Your Hat is a must read!
  • How To Fix A Smashed Hat

    Essential points for fixing that crushed hat!