How To Pack Your Hat

Now, you might be thinking, "Okay, I finally found the perfect hat for my vacation, but how do I pack it in my suitcase?" Good question. 

Packing is seriously an art, especially for those habitual over packers that must keep their bags under a 50-pound limit. Anyone guilty? I don't know about you guys, but I always hesitate to pack hats for fear they will get crushed or lose their shape. We are giving you the foolproof way to pack all your hats:

We always recommend wearing your hat when you travel, however we realize that there will be times when you need to pack your hat in your luggage. Here are our tips + tricks for packing your hat.

  • Roll or fold a sturdy clothing item (underwear, socks, tank tops) and stuff them into the crown of your hat to support it.
  • Lay the hat flat on the bottom of your suitcase right side up.
  • Start packing around it so nothing sits on top of the crown.
  • If that doesn't work for you, carry your hat onto the plane and place it flat on top of your suitcase in the overhead compartment for safe travels.
  • Hats like our Jani are designed to be folded and packed away in your backpack or tote.

Other helpful travel tips:

  • You might find that you hats will benefit from a light steaming once you unpack them. This will help ease out any creases or bends.
  • Don't pack anything near your hat that might leak and stain it. 
  • Don't pack you hat if it's wet or damp. Let it fully dry before packing away in your suitcase. 




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